Home Detox

Home Detox

Did you know that household detergents & sanitizers found in chemical products can actually break down to provide nutrition for bacteria? Many of us don’t realize traditional cleaners used to rid our homes of germs may in fact be “feeding” instead of neutralizing bacteria. Household cleansers can also trigger several negative side effects in humans, such as headaches, irritation of skin & eyes, and respiratory problems. At Conscious Cleaning Co., we have developed a unique “Home Detox” service to help address these common problems.

How Home Detox Works

On your first ‘complimentary visit,’ we focus on where you are on your journey in achieving the healthiest home and lifestyle for you and your family. We want to get to know you and understand where you are on your journey; where you want to be and what you need to get there. We can explore what your “go to” products are, how you use them and what appeals to you about them. Your individual preferences will help us shape how to best serve you, helping you transition into your next, more healthful chapter of your life.

Deep Clean

During our next visit we will apply a “deep clean” service in your home. Our process includes the removal of harsh chemicals and toxins, commonly found on surfaces, inside nooks & crannies, corners and crevasses. This complete solution will create a truly non-toxic environment, leaving nothing but clean surfaces for your fresh start. Detox sessions may vary in difficulty and some of our client’s may require additional sessions. Our last step includes adding a new family of products, with toxic cleansers removed and properly disposed of by our staff. This is an effortless switch for you and the beginning of a new chapter for your best, most healthful life in your safe haven! We can customize our “Home Detox” program to meet with your specific needs. This can include taking inventory of your existing products and refilling them upon each visit, with no hassle or fuss. Ask us about extending the detox program to include body care products. Whatever level of health you’re looking to achieve, we can aid you on your journey to create more time for you to live your best life!

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